Capabilities Statement

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We Are Enrollment Marketing Solutions

Our Approach

Our approach to marketing + project management services is based on the premise that every client is a unique organization with a clear sense of values to be maintained regardless of the market challenges. We understand the important relationships in and amount the multiple missions each with their own strategies and priorities; the need to balance the interconnectedness. Our track record has demonstrated that our approach produces high quality project outcomes with significant and sustainable results.

Our Commitment to Quality

From ideation to implementation, the workflow can be hectic and sometimes hard to keep track of. Our commitment to quality assurance means that not only our client’s objectives are met, but brand standards are met as well. We make sure the concepts behind your work match the strategic needs you’re trying to meet; ensuring all the various parts of a campaign are on brand. It can be intensely detailed, down-and-dirty work, like verifying that all the visual elements of a piece confirm to brand standards, hunting down errors in a printed piece, or proofreading and editing. A host of typos and broken links and incorrect images can damage your brand; lower your value proposition and user experience. No timeline is too short for QA/QC, no deadline to close, and no piece of content too trivial.

Our Mission

Our mission, through decades of specialized experience and thousand of projects, is to provide high level strategic leadership, marketing + project management skills to improve better efficiencies and outcomes in your projects. We are stakeholder-focused, skilled motivators, and agents of change fully vested in the success of each project.

Our Vision

The mission of Enrollment Marketing Solutions is to be a partner in the success of our clients by providing innovative approaches using the highest quality standards.

Our History

Enrollment Marketing Solutions was founded in 2006 as a marketing consulting firm providing marketing + project management services. Our team of experts consists of 30+ years of marketing experience in healthcare, education, and fortune 500 industries.

Our team that brings our service efforts is hand-picked for their experience in both business and operational strategy. Comprised of seasoned consultants that bring various cultures, ideas, creativity, innovation, perspectives, and new possibilities using master skills in project management (PMP Certified), relationship building. and analysis to address our client’s needs in the most effective way.

Enrollment Marketing Solutions Inc. understands marketing projects have many moving pieces, changes, and various departments involved; projects that are creative in nature but often political, financial, and managerial as well. The key to our success is the ability to lead, inspire and build a team with common goals. We have a high acumen on how each creative project process should be managed; a process that is agile and adaptive in nature.

We work with companies and their agencies of all sizes with a focus on all things marketing that enables your marketing projects to deliver business value. Working side-by-side with our stakeholders to problem solve (risk management, repeating “is that really our only option”, adaptability, negotiating), manage relationships (communications, listening, motivation, team management), and implement solutions.

Enrollment Marketing Solutions Inc. is excited, poised, and ready to partner with your company to help break new ground, elevate brand awareness, and connect with your key audiences.