Capabilities Statement

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Diversity Policy

1. Enrollment Marketing Solutions. (EMS) seeks the best quality, value, and service, at the best cost, from all of our suppliers. In addition, EMS maintains an overall commitment to good citizenship through diversity and inclusion. EMS’s policy to promote and increase business opportunities for other minority, disadvantaged, and women business enterprises (MWBEs).

2. The purpose of this policy is not only to ensure that MWBEs receive their fair market share of EMS’s total expenditures for products and services, but also to strengthen ties with the local business community, by creating mutually beneficial business relationships, which lead to overall growth.

3. MWBES include companies that are at least 51% owned and operated by: African-American Asian-American Hispanic-American Native-American Women Other disabled veteran or disadvantaged owners.

4. EMS is committed to effectively implement policies and procedures and to develop and monitor business deliverables that demonstrate measurable improvement from year to year. We will do this by developing a strong foundation of highly qualified MWBES that are capable of providing us with quality goods and services at competitive prices. In addition, this initiative will reflect our dedication to building supplier relationships that reflect the cultural diversity of EMS.

5. This is a comprehensive endeavor that includes usual procurement and contracted services as well as subcontracting and joint venture activities.

6. EMS will manage the process within company policies and procedures; however, all members of the leadership team are challenged to embrace the initiative and to work together to meet the program goals and objectives.